1. Go on a trip . . . anywhere.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or far away. It can be in any budget range. Have a vacation in your backyard or make a fort in your kitchen. If you can afford something awesome, buy a ticket to Bora Bora right now.

2. See old friends.

Have you been missing a certain friend or a group of friends? Plan a reunion because it’s been too long and they miss you too.

3. Spend time with family.

Even if it doesn’t sound that appealing. DO IT.

3. Have a picnic with someone special.

Prepare a basket as if it were straight out of a movie and go enjoy a picnic of sorts at a beach or park nearby.

4. Get day drunk.

If there’s a rooftop bar that you are fond of, do it there. You deserve it.

5. Play a board game.

Tell me the last time you played Scrabble and didn’t enjoy it. Never? That’s what I thought.

6. Go camping.

We all have that one friend who we can pitch the camp idea to and you know you won’t have to do anything else except Venmo him/her for the planning and your trip is handled.

7. Spend some time by the ocean or a lake.

8. Play pool volleyball.

9. Make dinner for your friends.

If you have the resources for fondue, “due” that. Make some cute craft cocktails too and maybe plan out the event in a theme of some sort.

10. Go to a sporting event (and drink a lot while you’re there).

11. Go skinny-dipping in a public place (and drink a lot while you’re there).

12. Try stand-up paddle boarding.

If you’ve already been before, go again.

13. Throw a theme party.

Everyone loves theme parties.

14. Learn to do something new.

15. Go to a concert where you don’t know anyone playing.

16. Go to one of those drinking while painting nights and be an artist.

17. Take someone on a date and make it the most romantic thing you’ve ever done even if you aren’t a romantic.

They will love it!

18. Get dressed up fancy and go dancing.

19. Purchase an extremely random Groupon and take a first date to redeem it with you.

20. Buy a hammock and set it up somewhere serene.

21. Surprise yourself by doing something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time or courage to.