Coming out is a very controversial issue. Some would rather gay people not come out, but conform to their idea of gender norms instead. Others want us to come out so they can either distance themselves or just be in the know. We in the LGBTQIA community (and our allies) feel like we shouldn’t necessarily have to come out at all, we should be able to date whom we wish, and not have to explain ourselves.

The first person you come out to is just the beginning of it all. From that point on, you continually are coming out to your loved ones, and the people that ask. You meet a new person, and you eventually get comfortable enough to tell them as well. It’s a fairly annoying cycle that doesn’t end.

This string of occurrences can be stressful because you literally never know how someone will react, and once a person reacts badly, it’s hard to look at them the way you once did. You constantly lose and gain people in your life; but with the pressure of always coming out, it’s heightened. It’s not realistic to expect everyone you cross paths with to be accepting, but is it too much to ask for people to stop prying? Live and let love.

It’s becoming more and more common for people to be out, but why is it that we must come out? Why do we have to say the words “I’m gay” to everyone that means something to us? Some may think of it as being courteous, or respectful to the people in our lives, but I haven’t fully grasped why that is. A straight person doesn’t have to tell everyone they’re straight because it’s already an assumption from the moment you are born. We shouldn’t assume anything, putting so much pressure on a child to be someone they might not be is harmful. Which is exactly why coming out can be so intimidating.

I hope one day the time will come when every individual can walk down the street holding the hands of their significant others without being questioned. Love is love after all.