There’s Always Someone Else

As of 2013, there were an estimated 7.125 billion people on this Earth. That’s 7.125 billion separate lives existing all at once, meshing together into a web that intersects in a million different places. 7.125 billion different strands of DNA. 7.125 billion potential stories.

When we find one person out of 7.125 billion to love, and it doesn’t work out, we’re convinced that there will never be anyone else. I mean, how could there be? One person in 7.125 billion—who beats those odds more than once, right? Statistically, it sounds totally impossible, because we aren’t just talking about any random person walking into your life. We’re talking about the person. Someone who you’re attracted to, who makes you laugh, who makes all the mundane parts of life just a little bit brighter. Someone to love and who, somehow, feels the same about you. One person in 7.125 billion. Statistics are a bitch.

The thing is, life beats the odds all the time.

Right now, your concept of love is probably still tied to your experience of loving someone in the past. When you think of that four-letter word, you think of their eyes when they looked at you and that funny twitch their mouth always did right before they smiled. You think of their palm, warm whenever it found yours. You think of all the quiet moments you spent laying in the dewy morning sunlight, thinking that nothing would ever be that special again. But it will be. A new person will come along, and with them will come a whole new brand of special. It’s impossible to see it because, unfortunately, our minds only see in reverse. We can’t picture what’s coming because our vision is compromised by our last love. We don’t know when they’ll come or what they’ll look like, and we’ll never find them if we don’t push ourselves.

The trick is to make sure that you’re pushing yourself in the right direction. If you aren’t the kind of person that hangs out in bars, then don’t go looking for someone at a bar, and if you don’t like clubs, don’t look for someone in a club. If you look for that someone in places that don’t reflect you, then chances are you’ll only find someone who is always expecting you to be someone that you aren’t. You don’t have to change or tweak or doctor yourself just to be loved. Always stay open to growing, to new knowledge, to becoming better—but don’t ever compromise yourself for the sake of companionship.

So don’t settle, because there is always someone else.