The law of attraction is simply this: we have the power to manifest. In the realm of science, laws about the universe are proposed, tested, and changed. In court, the law is upheld, debated, interpreted, and defended. But in the realm of wisdom, laws are mysteries explained for human use. It makes less sense to write them off for seeming abstract than to test their essence for yourself. The law of attraction like all laws of wisdom, requires that you practice. And it requires that you pass zones of initiation. As you refine your awareness and individualization to your actual passions, other forces start to pay attention.

When you wake up in the morning what are you thinking about? Are you irritated, searching for coffee, trying not to think, stressed, and in the present, past or future? Everything that you think every moment of every day affects the law of attraction working for you. Have you ever had those awkward moments where you think you’re “all good” or you are “in you’re head” and someone asks, “Are you are okay?” I recently came across a study in which people who steal were asked how they choose who to steal from. Do you know what they said? People whose energies are “off.” When our energies are “off” we are not “awake” to others or our immediate surroundings.


We read each other’s energies all the time, unconsciously absorbing or paying attention to body language. It is my hunch that the energy fields surrounding Earth are changing. This is inevitably bringing about big changes. The vibrations of our bodies are about to become more, not less, of a medium in communication. Today more than ever, a vibrational connection with the law of attraction is potently opening to all of us. According to theories in quantum physics, the material world is an ocean of energy. Our philosophical cornerstones such as, “I think, therefore I am” could also necessarily become “I am, therefore I manifest.”

The law of attraction as a sustained ritual of practice, is quite simple. The “trouble” comes from becoming ready to apply it. We are not ready when we have lost faith in possibility; for ourselves and worse, for the world. We become jaded. We have been hurt, betrayed, and abused by others, and the world. We become close-minded. We have been afraid to pursue our passions and their unknown paths. We become comfortable following the rules and structures as they are, or spend all of our energy rebelling directly against them. We fear there are no alternative options. We lose touch with our creative capacities. We begin to blame others and ourselves. We take on the negative news around us as our own, and our world.

These are perfect places to start! We are not supposed to transcend our circumstances. On the contrary, we face them. To manifest is as simple as “ABC”: A.) Visualize what you want, B.) Say it out loud, C.) Do it. As simple as this is, most of us won’t be ready. You won’t know what you want. Or you do know, and are masterfully resistant or rationalizing. If your language is general:  “I want to be free,” or “I want a different job,” “I want a girlfriend,” there is zero ABC spark. But keep going inward. The universe responds to specificity. As soon as you become specific to yourself: “I want to make a living writing, at least $150,00 a year, a live/work studio loft in the Bay Area, a camaraderie of high vibration creative people surrounding me in an enlightened community, and a healthy relationship with my family,” that is when you begin manifesting unknown spirals of possibility. You are becoming ready.

It took weeks for me to arrive at my deep core values and passions. Put in the time. Eventually, you will hear your heart’s desire specifically. That is when you draw in the universe’s attentive magic. That is when self-empowerment kicks in. You will find events have already occurred. You have already been doing it. Or actively resisting it. You will experience strange feelings. Something along the lines of: already manifesting, already grateful, already having, already ready. Once you achieve a comfortable relationship with “A,” you will feel compelled to share.

At stage “B,” you have entered into a conversation with the law of attraction. It responds to your ritual of checking in through ongoing inner reflection. Something inside you has changed. You have visualized your dreams and have the motivation to see it through. You begin to share about it out loud with friends and acquaintances. Time is experienced and used differently. Fears come up and are felt with awareness. Specificities of your visualization become more clear, spontaneous, and pragmatic. You are doing it. Incrementally re-calibrating your vibration. Perhaps more synchronistic events occur. If you are staying awake to your dream, they should.

Life can be an endless cycle of learning. We have all been given free tickets. This is the secret. Our mind manufactures life. When you are ready for some new “ABC’s,” the energy is there to tap into. In an everyday way, it orients you towards more gratitude and self-empowerment. Wounds will come up, however. Fears, worry, and recurring issues though are challenges. The mind must be refined. Along with our connection to our gut instincts, intuitions, and impressions.

I am not saying that cultivating the law of attraction is the way to enlightenment. There are also misunderstandings that enlightenment means feeling “good” in a meditative state all the time. For most of us that don’t dwell in temples, that is not our practice. For most of us, the work is learning individually how we face our wounds and the world; knowing what is ours to work on, and what is not. No “should,” “ought to,” “wish,” or “if only’s.” Be courageous through the details along the way. And when you lose hope, imagine all your favorite alive and deceased people’s faces shining down on you, cheering you on like Warrior fans at Oracle Stadium, in 2016.