Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is literally translated to “wind-water.” It is the placement, positioning, and harmonization of objects in an environment in order to manipulate their energy. I have noticed huge differences in my life since being more intentional with the arrangement of my space. One of the most interesting areas of my life it has affected is my personal finances.

First, I want to explain a little about how feng shui works. According to this practice, each area of your home is represented by a certain aspect of your life. Depending on the area, there are certain feng shui fixes and principles you can employ in order to improve the corresponding life aspect. Below is something called the Bagua, which is used to determine these areas:

Now for many people, it is impossible to fit your home perfectly into this mold, but according to the Bagua map, the “money area” of your home would be the back left corner of the house. One easy way to enhance this area is to add a decorative item that represents water. This could be a fountain or maybe even a painting, but the idea is that water promotes the flow of money. You could also add a healthy plant to this area to promote vitality and thriving energy. Do you have a piggy bank or some other method to store spare change? Then this area of your home is the place to store it!

Some other ways to promote financial abundance in your home:

  • Clear out any clutter, especially near your front door: clutter blocks good energy and opportunities from coming to you.
  • Keep the toilet lids shut: big drains literally suck all the good energy out of your home.
    Keep your stove clean and rotate using all the burners.
  • If you have a desk or a workstation, make sure it is in the power position: this means that your back is against a solid wall and you have a clear view of the room’s entrance. This allows you to be open to opportunity.

I have personally done all of these things to enhance the abundant energy in my life and have noticed a huge difference in the way my finances flow. I am finding that I have extra money when I want it for something special and have had several amazing opportunities come to me that didn’t necessarily bring me cold hard cash but have great value.

But, for true abundance, I encourage you to work on your internal feng shui. Make sure you are showing gratitude for the things in your life. Keep a journal of five things you are grateful for each day. Take stock of the inner conversation you are having about your finances, and set positive intentions.