A Guided Meditation to Heal and Reset

Through the years, there have been many different ways I have learned to help “heal” my body both physically and mentally. Some have been complicated, and some have been simple, but there has always been one that has stood out to me. When I was 16, I created a guided meditation with another co-director in a teen group alongside three other advisors for the Center for Spiritual Living. I have shared a simplified version of it with you guys below.


Find somewhere you can sit or lie comfortably, free of distraction. White noise can be used to help mask other disrupting sounds. Incense or candles can also help create a calming environment. Once you find yourself situated, take a few deep breaths and focus solely on the rhythm of your breathing. Allow yourself time to just focus on the flow of your breath.


The first step in mental healing is to first become in tune with your body. You can do this by closing your eyes and simply “listening” for where you might feel pain, discomfort, stress, or any other physical or mental trouble (I personally feel anxiety in my head, stress on my shoulders, and worry in my stomach). Visualization is key here. Once I recognize the problem area(s), I associate a specific color that my brain connects with negativity. Personally, I choose a cloudy black, but you should choose a color that connects to you individually. Associate the negative energy you feel with this color.


Next, choose a color association for the positive, healing energy you are going to be “sending” to your areas of ailment. This color should bring you joy, remind you of health and purity.  As you inhale, imagine breathing in cleansing oxygen of this color. Visualize sending healing energy in the color of your choice to the first spot on your body. Imagine this energy encompassing you, surrounding and dissolving all opposing forces. Upon exhaling, imagine blowing out the toxins. I like to visualize this “flush” of pollutants from my body two to three times, in order to feel I have cleansed all residual energy.

Once you have completed this process with one part of your body that you feel has negative “blocks,” you can repeat these steps on the next “block” you might sense. After you have completed a full cycle using this technique, I suggest a few affirming deep breaths. Tell yourself mentally that you are perfect, whole and complete. Know that you are supported in all things you do, and your body serves you well. Give thanks for these things. Ideally, once you have practiced, you will start to notice higher energy levels, a more positive attitude, a refreshing feeling in your body as a whole and much more. I practice this daily and have found it is a great way to stay connected both mentally and physically.