Winter is tailor-made for a breakup. The days are short and they are cold, dark, and all in all, match how you’re probably feeling on the inside. During those cold and dreary days you can easily hide in your apartment, wearing your most comfortable pair of pajamas, eating the most unthinkable combinations of comfort food, while listening to the saddest playlist ever created. And none of your friends will ever know, because they’re going to be too busy hibernating to check up on you and see how you’re doing. If winter is good for anything, it’s providing you with season misery to match your internal misery.

Congratulations! You made it! Winter is slowly melting away, and with it, maybe your hurt and pain and scorn have melted away to reveal the seedlings of love and tenderness which have been waiting to be sown. So put away that pint of ice cream, turn off that depressing record you’ve listened to so many times your roommates have been threatening to hide it from you. Get out of those baggy pajamas, take a shower, and put on some clothes a self-respecting person would actually let themselves be seen in. It’s summertime, and we’re taking you outside to get over your breakup! What’s waiting for you out there? The three reasons why the summer is the best time to get over your breakup.

1. Better weather!

Everyone is miserable during the winter, it’s just a fact. There’s that one person you know who just refuses to admit that it gets them down. That is, until it’s still snowing sometime in late March or early April and finally that person snaps. Assuming you’re not that person, you probably snapped due to winter related malaise a long time ago. Why did you snap? You don’t want to go out and do things, it’s constantly gray outside, and it gets dark outside way too early. Not only are you likely to be extra moody, but you can hide because there’s no real reason to go outside.

Come summertime, this isn’t going to be the case! More sunlight, open windows, and the other perks of summer are naturally going to have you in a better mood. Better mood means you’re going to want to be out more, and being out more is part of the healing process (just as loathing by yourself is too). Even if you’re not dating yet, seeing people more frequently is going to be a good part of getting you back on your feet. And lastly, remember all that junk you’ve been eating while you’ve been eating your feelings? Well, once you see that you don’t fit into your favorite summer outfit anymore, you’re going to start being a healthy eater again!

2. Your friends will know if you’re hiding out!

People aren’t running home to sit next to their radiator. The idea of a perfect weekend isn’t binging on Netflix anymore. What does that mean for you? You’re not going to be able to mope at home by yourself. If you do, your friends will notice, and they will bother the hell out of you until you go outside. Yes, this will be annoying because you’re going to want to loathe by yourself, and you’re probably used to doing it for some time. But enough has been enough. Your friends are going to be out more, and they’re going to want you there!

3. Free things!

For the most part, living in New York during the summer is a miserable experience. Parts of my body sweat that I didn’t know have the ability to sweat, the heat is so thick it sticks to you everywhere you go, and this all comes together to create weird smells that I don’t know if we even have words for yet.  But there’s one thing that makes New York amazing during the summer: it’s all the free things events going on! Concerts, movies, dance parties, and more, oh my! The more things going on in your area, the more people are going to be out. Any and all of these events are going to be great places to meet new people. Even if you’re not in the frame of mind to start dating again (which is fine, only get back to that when you’re ready!), there’s no harm in meeting new people, getting used to flirting again, and remembering all those social practices that you’ve probably grown rusty at.

Break-ups suck. Whether your former significant other broke up with you, or you broke with them, it’s an uncomfortable experience. And when that happens, it makes sense that you’d want to retreat from the world for a bit. You need time to consider what went wrong, who you are now that you’re out of your relationship, and what lessons you’ve learned and want to bring with you moving forward. Winter is perfect for that sort of introspective thinking, and that’s fine. But when you make it to summer (and you will!) be happy at all the new opportunities that you’ll find yourself surrounded by!