10 Reasons Argentina is a "Must-See" Country


By  Ashley Lanham



By Ashley Lanham

Though I have traveled all over the world, Argentina will always remain dear to my heart.  It offers such brilliant culture, food, architecture, and natural beauty that I will forever feel a connection with. Therefore, if you only had one place in the world to visit, I would recommend Argentina. Here’s why:

  1. Argentine steak is enough to make your heart sing!

Argentines pride themselves on the quality of their steaks.  The meat is largely quality meat from grass-fed cattle.  This makes the experience of going out for a steak dinner mouth-wateringly good!  It is traditional to prepare the various cuts of meat on top of wood-fired grills, which only enhance the flavor more.

  1. Argentina is great for skiing and snowboarding.

Bariloche is not only a really great place to experience skiing and/or snowboarding in South America, but also offers an amazing view of a lake from the top of the mountain.  Inside the town, several unique stores prepare large quantities of homemade specialty chocolates.  

  1. The architecture is brilliant!

Within Buenos Aires and other cities such as Rosario, there are various European influences.  Spanish, French, and Italian cultures have given the cities a unique flair, making every city street enticing to the eye with the many architectural movements.

  1. The wine is plentiful and remarkable!

When traveling through Argentina, one cannot help but be drawn into the wine culture.  Vineyards are abundant throughout the country, and wine is paired with steak like a hand to a glove.  Bikes and wine tours are prevalent and an exciting way to view the countryside while sipping on your favorite grape blends.

  1. Tango dancing is frequent and appealing.

Argentina is well known for its cultural dance, the Tango.  It is a very skilled and romantic partner dance.  People can often be seen performing the tango in the streets at festivals or inside various popular buildings.  It is not something to miss!  I strongly encourage anyone who travels to Argentina to experience this wonderful dance and maybe even take lessons!

  1. The climate offers an array of beautiful natural sights.

From Iguazu Falls in the North all the way to the glaciers of the South, Argentina is unlike many other countries in that it’s climate spans from subtropical to cold polar.  This allows the country to house a vast array of natural features that will awe and inspire the onlooker.

  1. The people are passionate and vibrant.

Argentines are a very relaxed and happy culture in many ways.  They enjoy spending long hours at coffee shops and dinners.  They value family and friends and are very prideful.  They also are great craftsman and hold many festivals with street performers, music, and crafts.

  1. The Argentine Spanish dialect is delightful.

With the influence of Italian and Spanish within the Argentine culture, the language has developed into a beautiful dialect that sounds like an Italian speaking Spanish.  It is unique to Argentina and reminded me of a song when spoken.

  1. There is a great balance between city and country.

Travelers will not only find every aspect of city life they could want when visiting Buenos Aires, but will also find a huge span of outdoor activities available in the countryside.  People in Buenos Aires enjoy great cuisine, nightlife, museums, and other entertainment.  However, just a short drive away you can view a polo match, river raft, bike, hike, snowboard, etc.  

  1. La Bomba del Tiempo will rock your world!

If you travel to Buenos Aires, La Bomba del Tiempo is a “must-see”!  Every Monday night, a drum fest is held in the Abasto neighborhood.  A large group of drummers play together for hours.  It draws fairly large crowds and always turns into a fun, radiant dance party.